Throughout Time many people had only a first name and not a common surname. This can cause minor problems when one tries to locate a person in an Index that is configured as a surname index. Since that is the case with this program I have included this Link that goes to the heart of the index and makes it possible to locate anyone by a Given name if there is not a surname.

Below you will find 43 links, each of these will take you too a range of names. Click on the range your quest falls within and open the next link. At this point you should find the names for which you are searching. Good Luck and Enjoy yourself.

"Dau" (Princess Royal of the Picts) -- to -- Caroline

Carthan Fionn Oge Nor -- to -- Ermengard

Ermengard -- to -- Ida

Ida -- to -- Niall Mor Noighiallach (Niall of the Nine Hostages)

Nicanor (King of Sicambri) -- to -- Vercetta

Vermudo I King of Asturias -- to -- Pebio "Gladrog" AP ERB (King of Ergyng)

Erb AP ERBIG (King of Glywyssing & Gwent) -- to -- Foulke AP THOMAS LLOYD

Llywarch AP TRAHAERN (Lord of) -- to -- Washington Marion ASHBY

Wesley ASHBY -- to -- John Alexi BEERY

John Alexi Jr. BEERY -- to -- George IV BOONE

George Washington BOONE -- to -- Thomas BROWNE

Anthony BROWNE III (Viscount) -- to -- Thomas CHANDLER

Walter CHANDLER -- to -- Edith Margaret COTTINGHAM

Eliza Ann COTTINGHAM -- to -- Ebenezer DAVIS

Edith DAVIS -- to -- Ned DIXON

Phebe DIXON -- to -- Hugh EVANS

Hugh EVANS -- to -- Mary FORNEY

Peter FORNEY -- to -- William GARBERICH

William GARBERICH -- to -- Dorothy GERBERICH

Dorothy GERBERICH -- to -- W. Edward GERBERICK

Walter GERBERICK -- to -- Lee GRIM

Benjamin GRIMES -- to -- Lacey Shane HART

M. S. HART -- to -- Sarah Christine HOFFER

Stella M. HOFFER -- to -- Henry HUGHES

Henry HUGHES -- to -- Sarah Abigail JACKSON

Sibyl A. JACKSON -- to -- Bert KELLER

Dorothy Belle KELLER -- to -- Susannah LAWHEAD

LAWRENCE -- to -- Hazel LUBKE

Lydia LUCAS -- to -- Samuel MCCOY

Thomas MCCOY -- to -- Susannah MILLER

Susannah MILLER -- to -- Anne de NEVILLE

Catherine NEVILLE -- to -- Mary PASTON

Henry PATRICK -- to -- Sarah Elizabeth POSTLETHWAIT

Sarah Pauline POSTLETHWAIT -- to -- Sarah A. REED

Sarah Hannah REED -- to -- Margaret A. ROBERTS

Martha ROBERTS -- to -- Paul Frederick SCHWARTZ

Paul Raymond SCHWARTZ -- to -- Richard SKEEN

Sara SKEEN -- to -- Douglas Dean STEPHENS

James STEPHENS -- to -- Ann TAYLOR

Ann TAYLOR -- to -- Roxalana VANDAL

Petrenella VANDEVENTER -- to -- Daniel WEBB

Eliza Jane WEBB -- to -- Simon WINTER

WINTERS -- to -- John ZUVER

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