ABT 1800 - ____

Father: Solomon CARPENTER Jr.
Mother: Lucretia PRENTICE


[259] Terry Carpenter send the following info in Dec 1995:
Daniel Carpenter of Old Tishomingo County, Mississippi
Daniel Carpenter, born c1800, probably on the KY and TN border, died after
1880 in Prentiss Co. MS. He was a yeoman farmer. He married Martha J.
"Patsy" Marlar c1827, probably in Blount Co. AL. They lived at Long
Hollow AL for about three years, moved to TN c1830, and after the 1832
Chickasaw Cession, Daniel and his brother William took up large tracts of
fertile land in the area where the new county of Tishomingo would later be
formed in MS in 1836. They had eleven children: 1. Reuben C. Carpenter,
born 4 Feb 1828 at Long Hollow AL, died 5 Aug 1912 in Prentiss Co. MS,
married Lavina Roberson on 31 Jul 1848, a farmer, enlisted on 15 Nov 1862
at Verona MS, and after the war he returned to farming in Tishomingo Co.;
twelve children:
1a. Daniel Carpenter, born c1849, married Adelaide Parrish on 8 Sep 1866,
moved c1898 to Graham, Young Co. TX; children:
1a1. Docia C. Carpenter, born c1870.
1a2. Amanda Jane Carpenter, born c1874.
1a3. Leander Carpenter, born c1877.
1b. Solomon Carpenter, born c1851, married Martha Lougenia "Mattie" Jones
on 9 Jan 1875; children:...
1b2. Alexander L. Carpenter, born in Sep 1877.
1b3. Autrey Z. Carpenter, born 8 Mar 1883, died 13 Feb 1958, married
Lenora Jones on 3 Jan 1904; children...
1b4. Bettie Carpenter, married John Henry Beard on 21 Feb 1901.
1c. Amanda C. Carpenter, born c1854, married William D. Jones on 27 Mar
1d. J. J. Carpenter, born c1857, died at age 14 from a fall from a horse.
1e. Elizabeth Carpenter, born c1859, no further information.
1f. Serena Carpenter, born c1861, married Tom Manus.
1g. Younger Carpenter, born c1864, married Sarah L. Flanning on 29 Dec
1h. Cansada Carpenter, born c1867, married J. M. Edwards on 21 Feb 1892.
1i. Lavina Jane Carpenter, born 16 Aug 1875, married Charles Lambert; one
of their children was:
1i1. Dell Lambert, born 22 Dec 1904, married Cleophus Carpenter (#8d1).
1j. William Carpenter, born c1874, no further information.
1k. Green Carpenter, born c1877, no further information.
1l. Christopher Columbus Carpenter, born on 30 Apr 1879, married Sallie
Jones on 15 Sep
1899; children (not all known):
1l1. Flora Carpenter, born 29 Nov 1900, died Mar 1916.
1l2. Coles Carpenter, born 13 Jun 1903, died Oct 1905.
1l3. Velmer Carpenter, born 18 November 1905, died 14 Nov 1919.
1l4. Reuben Gordon Carpenter, born 23 Dec 1906, died 13 Nov 1980, married
Dela Martin.
1l5. Coles Carpenter, born 1910.
2. Silas Carpenter, born c1829 in AL, married Patience Grubbs on 13 Mar
1849, a shoemaker and farmer, he enlisted on 11 May 1861 at Burnsville MS
in Capt M. D. Moreland's "Burnsville Blues", was captured at the Battle of
Pea Ridge TN on 23 Jan 1863, and was exchanged in 1863; moved to AR after
the Civil War; at least these seven children:
2a. George Carpenter, born c1850, believed to have died in Faulkner Co.
2b. Benjamin Carpenter, born c1853, no further information.
2c. Daniel Carpenter, born c1855, died c1892-1893 in AR, married Samantha
Valine Robinson on 9 Sep 1874 in Prentiss Co., moved to Faulkner Co. AR in
the late 1880s; six children:
2c1. James Alfred Carpenter, born c1876 at Bolivar MS, enlisted in the 2nd
Arkansas Volunteer Infantry in May 1899 and served in Cuba with the US
Army 3rd Engineers in 1899.
2c2. Henry Clay Carpenter, born 30 Aug 1877 in Prentiss Co. MS, died 2 Sep
1965 at Murphreesboro AR, married Annie Meyer on 10 Mar 1899 at Pulaski
Co. AR.
2c3. Alexander Carpenter, born c1880, no further information.
2c4. Daniel Carpenter, born Dec 1889, died at Hagansport, Franklin Co. TX
c1913, of injuries suffered while breaking a wild mare; he possibly
married Anna -?-.
2c5. Martin Carpenter, born Mar 1891, died 15 May 1960 at Pomona CA,
married Ruth Corsbie or Cosby in 1908 at Grant, Choctaw Co. OK.
2c6. Hubert Carpenter, born Nov 1892 in AR, died 1954 at Hagansport,
Franklin Co. TX. He farmed in Sheffield and Tuscumbia AL in the 1940s.
2c7. Luther Thomas Carpenter, born 26 Dec 1893 at Conway, Faulkner Co. AR,
married Rachel Nichols, resided at Hawkins TX.
2d. Margaret Carpenter, born c1858, no further information.
2e. Silas Carpenter Jr., born c1861, no further information.
2f. Louisa Carpenter, born c1867, believed to have married a Mr. Chaney
and lived in OK.
2g. Thomas Carpenter, born in Nov 1869, believed to have lived in OK in
the early 1900s, and to have had two or three sons:
2g1. Ellis Carpenter.
2g2. John Carpenter.
2g3? Tom Carpenter. 3. Margaret Carpenter, born c1832 in TN, married
Samuel Barnes on 28 Dec 1848; one child (she appears to have died soon
after the birth of her son):
3a. George Barnes, born c1849, no further information. 4. Elizabeth
Carpenter, born in Mar of 1834 in Tishomingo Co. MS, died after 1910,
married William C. Hardin on 7 Apr 1856; seven children:
4a. William Hardin, born c1857, married Louvinia C. Higgins on 20 Jan
4b. Peter Hardin, born c1859.
4c. Elizabeth Hardin, born c1861.
4d. Eliza Carpenter, born c1868.
4e. Martha Hardin, born c1871.
4f. Mary Hardin, born c1876.
4g. Parilda Hardin, born c1879.
5. Solomon C. Carpenter, born in Dec of 1836 in MS, died after 1910,
married Nancy Olive Queen on 9 Aug 1863 in Tishomingo Co. MS, a farmer,
served in the Civil War with his brothers Reuben C. and Thomas C.
Carpenter; four children:
5a. Madison Carpenter, born c1865.
5b. John Carpenter, born in Aug 1866, died in 1938, married on 4 Apr 1884
to Eunice Ann Stanley (born in Aug 1869); children:
5b1. Junie Carpenter, born Apr 1891.
5b2. R. C. Carpenter, born Aug 1892.
5b3. Minnie Carpenter, born Feb 1894.
5b4. Archie Carpenter, born May 1896.
5b5. Irene Carpenter, born Apr 1899.
5b6. Cora Carpenter, born c1902.
5b7. Austin Carpenter, born c1905.
5b8. Dexter Carpenter, born c1908.
5c. Christopher Columbus Carpenter, born 20 Dec 1869, died 21 Aug 1943 at
Okmulgee OK, married Eliza Isabelle Taylor on 19 Feb 1891, resided at 1212
N. Griffin, Okmulgee, Okmulgee Co. OK in the 1920s; eight children:
5c1. Anna Arvillia Carpenter, born 1 Jan 1892, married Mell L. Cole on 27
Oct 1908, died 7 May 1970.
5c2. John William Carpenter, born 18 Jun 1893, married Lulu Ann Vanzant on
14 Nov 1915, died 3 Sep 1958.
5c3. Roberta Kathina Carpenter, born 15 Jul 1895, married first James
Addison, second Harry Vance, died 26 Mar 1956.
5c4. Mabel Beatrice Carpenter, born 2 Jan 1898, married William Earnest
Reno on 17 Jun 1931, died 21 Jul 1968.
5c5. Martha Ruby Carpenter, born 30 Apr 1903, died 1 Jan 1959, married
John Beck.
5c6. Ruth Matilda Carpenter, born 19 Feb 1905, married Chester Marlin Hall
on 20 Jul 1924.
5c7. Monroe Taylor Carpenter, born 26 May 1908, died 29 Sep 1946, married
Lillian -?-.
5c8. Lillian Ernestine Carpenter, born 22 Jan 1916, married M. Vanzant.
5d. Amanda Carpenter, born c1872, nothing further. 6. Thomas Columbus
Carpenter, born on 17 Dec 1838 in Tishomingo Co. MS, died on 1 Apr 1936 at
Dumont, King Co. TX, married Mary Jones on 27 Sep 1860, served in the
Civil War with his brothers Reuben and Solomon Carpenter, a farmer and
rancher; eight children:
6a. Tabitha Carpenter, born c1863, died c1873.
6b. Charles C. Carpenter, born 21 Dec 1866 in Tishomingo Co. MS, died 12
Sep 1954 at Paducah, Cottle Co. TX, married Sally Katherine Bolt.
6c. Millie Lane Carpenter, born 10 Feb 1870, died 21 Nov 1952 at Paducah
TX, married John Franklin Garrett on 27 Aug 1890 at Knox City, Benjamin
Co. TX; their daughter:
6c1. Maude Thelma Garrett, born 23 Sep 1899 at Paducah, Cottle Co. TX,
married Roy Ausborn McDaniel.
6d. George Washington Carpenter, born 30 Mar 1873 in Tishomingo Co. MS,
died 29 Nov 1940 at Dumont, King Co. TX, married Alice E. Johnson.
6e. Lenah Carpenter, born c1875.
6f. Samuel Carpenter, born c1877.
6g. Lafayette Carpenter, born c1878, died young.
6h. Robert Lee Carpenter, born in Sep 1882 in Tishomingo Co. MS, died at
Modesto CA.
7. Lucretia Carpenter, born c1844, did not marry. 8. Elijah C. Carpenter,
born 12 Nov 1847, near Burnsville in old Tishomingo Co. MS, a yeoman
farmer, married Melvina Carpenter on 27 Dec 1877 (see Moses Carpenter of
MS); six children:
8a. First child Carpenter died as an infant.
8b. Ellender Carpenter, born in Jul 1882, died in May 1935 at Double
Bridges, AR, married Cornelius M. "Kernel" Butler on 7 Aug 1904; five
8b1. Vester Butler, born Jul 1909, married Tom Miller.
8b2. Verner Butler, born 23 Jan 1915.
8b3. Essie Louise Butler, born 2 Apr 1917, married Sam Miller.
8b4. Josie Jewell Butler, born 3 Jan 1920, married Lowell Anthony.
8b5. Cecil Butler, born 7 Sep 1922, never married.
8c. Lou Anna Carpenter, born 9 Jun 1884, died on 8 Sep 1965 at Osceola AR,
married Arthur Lee Butler on 9 Sep 1914, as his second wife, after her
sister Versetta's death; six children:
8c1. Dorsey Irene Butler, born 15 Aug 1917, married L. C. Pruitt on 14 Apr
8c2. Hazel Levita Butler, born 5 Nov 1919, married George Elliott on 5 Nov
8c3. James Henry Butler, born Nov 1922, died at age 3 months.
8c4. Retha Marcella Butler, born 25 Mar 1924, married Tracy Harris on 24
Jun 1948.
8c5. Lily Florence Butler, born 11 Mar 1926, married Eugene Reed on 30 Jun
8c6. William Oscar Butler, born 14 Feb 1929, died 14 Sep 1932.
8d. Walter Laugustus Carpenter, born 25 Apr 1886 near Altitude, Prentiss
Co. MS, died on
18 Jul 1932, a yeoman farmer, married Nancy Viola Belle McAnally on 11 Apr
1909 in Prentiss Co. MS; eleven children:
8d1. Walter Cleophus Carpenter, born 18 Apr 1910, married Dell Lambert
8d2. Rose Carpenter, born 11 Jul 1911, married Millard Morgan...
8d3. Howard Clifton Carpenter, born 28 Dec 1912, married Quay Carpenter
8d4. Mary Lee "Jane" Carpenter, born 23 Feb 1914, married John Roscoe
8d5. Arlon Verde Carpenter, born 5 Jul 1916, married Essie Dowdell...
8d6. Marlon Carpenter, born in 1917, died young.
8d7. Homer Douglas Carpenter, born 8 Sep 1919, married Ilene Williams...
8d8. Warner Hershel Carpenter, born 23 Jan 1921, married on 21 Jan 1950 at
Corinth, Alcorn Co. MS to Marjorie Marie Thompson --- parents of Terry L.
8d9. Florilla Carpenter, born 22 Jun 1923, married J. C. Cooksey...
8d10. J. C. "Jack" Carpenter, born 25 Jan 1925, married first Garmelia
Garrett, second Margie Pitts...
8d11. Claynous Arvard Carpenter, born 28 Mar 1927, married Eva Genell
8e. Versetta Carpenter, born in Oct 1890, married Arthur Lee Butler on 28
Apr 1907, as his first wife; Versetta (Carpenter) Butler died c1914 and is
buried in the Old Freewill Cemetery in Prentiss Co. MS, beside her father;
two children:
8e1. Velmer Lee Butler, born 10 Mar 1909, married first William Farley,
second Luther Ables.
8e2. Chester Herman Butler, born 3 Apr 1912, died 16 Jun 1973, married
Mandy Williams.
8f. Carlos Carpenter, born in Sep 1893, married Texanna Carter on 19 Nov
1916; he died young and is buried near his mother at Hubbard-Salem
Cemetery in Tishomingo Co.; no children; his widow returned to live with
her people in AL after his death.
9. Eliza Carpenter, born c1849, married Alexander Crockett on 4 Nov 1885,
no further information at present. 10. Mary "Polly" Carpenter, born c1853,
married J. H. Manus on 25 Sep 1882; he died c1900; children (not all
10a. Elizabeth Manus, born c1888, married Elijah Stone c1908.
10b. Mary Manus, born c1894.
11. Lucinda C. Carpenter, born c1856, married D. R. "Bob" Robinson on 19
Feb 1911, moved to TX and lived near Thomas Columbus Carpenter's children
for a few years, then returned to MS.
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